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Vetgate Global has recently formed a Joint Venture with Dr. Steve Kornfeld. This JV developed and recently launched Vmartec® ( Dr. Kornfeld has provided practice coaching for many practices in several countries around the world. He has been frequently the spotlight presenter for practice business/management groups at state & national meetings, and practice business conferences sponsored by animal health companies. Vmartec’s first offering is “Practice Development and Client Retention System”. The “system” is key to this 12 Audio CD, 12 Customized Staff Workbooks, 36 Online Webinars, a Personalized Practice Helpline, Unlimited Online Staff Support & Customized Performance Dashboard. And, it comes with a Money Back Guarantee.

Now, you can get Dr. Kornfeld’s $30,000 Practice Coaching Program for only $279 per month. Call 800-611-4029 or visit our website,

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