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Patent Technology Overview

Vet Checkin New Skin Tablet Client in ReceptionVet Check-in is a computer application for pet owners to interface directly with their Veterinarian's practice through a customized online portal using tablet technology while seated in the waiting area. Vet Check-in interfaces directly with pet owners in the veterinarian's practice setting, utilizing computer tablet devices to provide targeted, customized marketing, medical, and transactional information (including payments) on their patients (animals) to their clients. This application allows clients direct access to an interactive portal system with their veterinarian to provide input via surveys and registration information while receiving specific and targeted medical information on their pets and animals, thus improving medical compliance and patient (animal) health. Vet Check-in also allows clients to leave instant reviews of the services they have just received via the Vet Check-in tablet device. These reviews are immediately posted to the clinic's website and are sent back to the client via e-mail for their use in posting on their favorite online review sites; while the quality of the services they received is still fresh in their minds.

Vet Check-in specializes in extracting the practice information stored in PIMS on a daily basis through cloud based, online data mining via unique computer programming and patented algorithms.

All data passing to and from the Vet Check-in pad device is secured first by three pieces of information known only to the pet parent. This makes the system easier to access by the client not having to remember yet another password. In addition to the protected access to the information, for some features implemented by this system, SSL is implemented to ensure secure communications.

When the pet parent logs into the system by using the security protocol discussed in the above paragraph, this rules engine immediately starts to analyze the services the pet received, financial information, detail information about the pet such as age, breed weight as well as demographic information of the pet parent. This analysis is performed taking into account the targeting requirement of any advertising or service sponsoring client. The engine determines which advertisements and articles will be served to the pet parent. All advertising and articles clicked by the pet parent will be recorded for use in future targeting algorithms. For example the information can be used to target a pet owner who views competitor's advertising or uses their products.

Targeting Business Rules engine will have algorithms to consolidate pet parents and pets even if they are visiting more than one clinic if the clinics they visit are in the Vet Check-in universe of clinics.
List of Compatible PIMS Systems
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  • RxWorks

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