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Marketing Goals for Veterinary Practices:
1. Improve Patient & Client Compliance
2. Improve Health & Well Being of Patients
2. Retain More Current Clients
3. Increase Client/Animal Visits
4. Increase Veterinary Practice Revenue

Vetgate® Global has developed a proven, novel marketing system which allows veterinary practices to improve compliance, enhance the health and well-being of their patients, and increase practice viability.

The key feature of our database driven system is its proactive, comprehensive approach in the delivery of the services and features. Our customized client communication tools assists veterinary practices in maintaining an interactive relationship with their clients/patients via all aspects of social media (website, facebook, e-mail, text, direct mail, etc.). We also provide content to keep your clients utilizing your website as their destination of choice when they want to find any information about the health and well-being of their pets and animals.

Village DigiPet Demo hand smThe Vetgate® Compliance Program keeps your practice in the mind of your clients on a year round basis. The components of the system are robust clinic newsletters, coordinated weekly reminders using direct mail postcards, e-mail, & text reminders (a 3 for 1 approach), pet e-birthday cards, client promotional communications to encourage them to utilize more of your practice services; thus improving the health and well-being of their pets and animals. All communications are branded for each practice and personalized to the specific pets, including the pets picture (if stored in the in-clinic management system).

In addition, we will assist the practice in providing clients with a very useful and tangible reminder items regarding your practice services & products. These include a unique Mobile Pet Health ID Card along with many other customized client communication tools which are branded for the practice and personalized to each pet or animal. Vetgate® Global can provide your clients with these several interactive communication tools:

Village Dental Coupon on Phone1. Mobile Text Reminders
2. Mobile Text Promotions & Coupons
3. Customized Direct Mail Reminders
4. Customized Pet Portal for each client
5. Direct Mail Promotions for client education
6. Request Medical Appointments as well as request boarding or grooming times
7. Allow Clients to Order Prescription Refills for Home Delivery.
8. And, Vetgate Global provides you a Practice Analytics Dashboard to monitor the performance of each tool and promotion

If you are looking for practice growth, increasing your practice revenue and practice profits, give us a call today and get started. 866-838-7791, option 1

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